Through our industry focus, we have an in-depth understanding of the opportunities and challenges facing the brands we work with

Bluegem focuses exclusively on consumer-facing businesses across all sub-verticals of the consumer space. We seek to invest between €20 million to €75 million of equity in businesses headquartered in Western Europe, typically with an enterprise value between €50 million and €300 million.  

We have a flexible approach in terms of deal structure to accommodate the requirements of entrepreneurs, families and co-investors.  

Our investment thesis includes both the rejuvenation of undervalued, mismanaged or under-invested brands and operational, commercial and financial support for fast-growing independent brands.

Our added value comes from active and methodical portfolio management. We work with a unique network of operating partners who offer extremely valuable expertise to the entrepreneurs and management teams we partner with. Our team further supports the introduction of best practices for each operational function within the company, such as in-depth optimisation of ecommerce activities, retail best practice, social media strategies and human capital management.